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The Independent's Asia Correspondent Andrew Buncombe is based in Delhi. His dominion ranges over India, Pakistan, Burma, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, occasionally parts of South East Asia and - or at least he is hoping - The Maldives.

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For months it had been a mystery. Every now and then in Delhi I'd spot the unlikely sight of a yellow Lamborghini squeezed among the crush of the city's traffic. It always looked odd, this sleek expensive vehicle sitting there among the rickshaws and battered trucks. Occasionally, you'd see it accelerate off for a few hundred yards before it was forced to throw on the breaks again when it hit the next jam of traffic. Just last week I was talking about this car and its driver with some friends and hit upon a plan; namely that the next time I spotted this elegant sports car I'd tap on the window, politely ask for a ride and finally get to the bottom of this mystery. Investigative journalism, huh?
As it transpires, I no longer need to attempt such a stunt. This morning's Mail Today newspaper reveals that on Wednesday night, police arrested a 24-year-old man who was driving at high speed in a yellow Lamborghini close to the Prime Minister's official residence in south Delhi. Officers, fearing a potential security breach, pulled the car over and decided to breathalyse the driver. They took him to a police station, carried out the test and found the man - who reportedly identified himself as Karan Chugh - to be over the limit. Apparently on the way to the police station, Mr Chugh made a series of telephone calls and when they reached their destination, the police officers received calls from the "high and mighty" demanding the young man' release. To their credit, the officers stuck to their ground and tested Mr Chugh before charging him. He apparently told them he'd been to a party in south Delhi and was making his way home to the north of the city and had got lost. It was unfortunate indeed, that he should have found himself lost at 2.30am outside the Prime Minister's house in such a noticeable vehicle. I just hope, I'll still get to have my ride if I spot Mr Chugh and his car again. I have to assume there's only one bright yellow Lamborghini in the city.


Yellow Lamboghini
theolderb wrote:
Friday, 27 March 2009 at 01:49 pm (UTC)
Andrew, knowing what you do about this guy, YOU STILL WANT TO HICH A RIDE? Boy, have you got problems....


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